Click to call

Click to call allows you to make a call via the web interface or SOAP API.

To call via the web interface:

1. Log in to the MaxxTel Connections web interface.
2. Go to Actions » Make a call.
3. Choose the first destination to call. This can be a telephone or an arbitrary number. If a number, it will be routed as though you had dialled it from a telephone.
4. Choose a number to transfer to once the first destination has answered. This can be an arbitrary number, such as an external number, public number, feature code, or telephone.
5. Click "Call". The first destination should ring within a few seconds.
6. You can bookmark the next page to make the same call in future.

Suggested scenarios

  • Speed dials from your web browser's bookmarks.
  • Integration with desktop applications such as email clients. To do this, invoke the following URL:<enswitch username>&_password=
    <enswitch password>&stype=phone&phone=<telephone to call from>&cnumber=<number to call>
  • "Click here to call us" buttons on your website. To do this, configure a CGI script on your web server to invoke the following URL:<enswitch username>&_password=<enswitch password>&snumber
    =<customer number to call first>&cnumber=<feature code pointing to queue or hunt group>

    Please note that it's important to use a script rather than a link to avoid revealing your username and password.

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