Conferences allow two or more people to call into the system and talk together.

To add a new conference:

1. Log in to the Maxxtel Communications web interface.
2. Go to Features » Conferences.
3. Click the "Add a new conference" button.
4. Enter the following:
  • A conference code, replacing the one chosen for you if you wish.
  • Optionally a description.
  • At least one PIN. The administrator PIN allows the caller to lock the conference to new callers. The Talk PIN should be used for most callers. The listen PIN allows the caller to listen but not talk.
  • The maximum number of people allowed in the conference. Any callers attempting to log in to the conference after it is full are played an error message and disconnected.
  • The duration of the conference. Outside this time, callers may not log in to the conference, though callers already in the conference are not disconnected at the end. If callers may access the conference at any time, set this to be "permanent".
  • When the first conference starts. One minute before this time, notifications are sent. It can still make sense to use this option with permanent conferences to send notifications.
  • How often the conference repeats.
  • How many conferences there are. For example, if the first conference is on Monday, the conference repeats daily with a total of 5 conferences, the last conference will be on Friday.
  • The callerid to use for notification calls.
  • Any telephone numbers to call and email addresses to send notifications to just before the conference starts. The called users are not asked for a PIN, but put directly into the conference with the access you set here.
5. Click the "Save" button.
6. Set a public number or feature code to forward to "Conference login". *3 is set to conference login by default.
7. Call this number or feature code when the conference is active. You will be asked for a conference code and PIN, then connected to the conference.

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