Public numbers

Public numbers, also known as DIDs or DDIs, are normal telephone numbers that external callers can use to call into the system from the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

To add a new public number:

1. Log in to the Maxxtel Communications web interface. 2. If you wish to record calls to this number, make a record group. 3. Go to Features » Public numbers. 4. Click the "Add a new number" button. 5. Choose which type of number you'd like. 6. Click the "Next" button. 7. Choose a number. The price you will be charged for the number is shown by the numbers. 8. Click the "Next" button. 9. Enter the following:
  • Optionally a description.
  • Whether to screen calls. If set to yes, the destination will be asked if they wish to accept the call.
  • Optionally force the callerid. This should normally be set to "Original".
  • Optionally force the caller name. This allows users on a SIP telephone to see which number the call came from.
  • Optionally hang up the call after a certain number of minutes.
  • The record group if you have any.
  • Optionally a password. If set, you can call the number routing menu and change the temporary routing and announcement message.
  • Optionally temporary routing. This overrides the main routing below. If you use the number routing telephone menu, it is the temporary routing that you change.
  • The destination to route calls to this feature code to.
10. Click the "Save" button.
11. If you wish to set an announcement message to be played when the number is called, and before the destination is rung, go back into the number settings, and upload a .wav file. Alternatively, call the public number or feature code (*5 by default) for the number routing menu.

If you wish to route to different destinations for different callers, or at different times of the day or days of the week:

1. Make the public number.
2. If routing by time, make a time group.
3. Go back into the number settings.
4. Click the "Add a caller route" or "Add a time group" button.
5. Choose the caller prefix or time group, and the destination.
6. Click the "Save" button.
7. Repeat for any other caller prefixes or time groups as desired.

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