Call recording

To configure call recording:

1. Log in to the Maxxtel Communications web interface.
2. Go to Features » Call recording.
3. Click the "Add a new group" button.
4. Enter the following:
  • A name for the group.
  • Optionally a description.
  • Which calls to record.
  • The default expiry time. After a recording expires, it is deleted automatically. You can change individual recordings' expiry times once they have been created.
5. Click the "Save" button.
6. In the settings for your numbers, telephones, etc, there will now be a new option for the record group. Set whichever numbers, telephones, etc, you wish to use this group. If a call goes through more than one number, telephone, etc, that use different record groups, the call is recorded to all appropriate groups.
7. Make and receive calls as normal.
8. To access the recordings, click on the "Recordings" link on the right of the list record groups page, or the "Recordings" button on the edit record group page.
9. Enter search parameters as desired, then click "Update".
10. To download a recording, click its link.
11. To work with recordings, select any you wish then click the appropriate button at the bottom.

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