Telephones accounts allow you to register a SIP telephone on the system and make and receive calls.

To add a new telephone account:

1. Log in to the Maxxtel Communications web interface.
2. Go to Features » Telephones.
3. Click the "Add a new telephone" button.
4. Enter the following:
  • An account number. This number can be used to call the telephone within the system.
  • Optionally a description.
  • Optionally the MAC address of the telephone.
  • Choose which person owns the telephone.
  • The SIP password.
  • If your system is configured for dial plans, the dial plan.
  • The class of service if you have any.
  • Which mailbox to monitor for the message waiting light. This is also the mailbox entered if you call voicemail direct access from the telephone.
  • The record group if you have any.
  • Optionally a number to forward all calls to the telephone to.
  • Where to send calls to if the telephone is unregistered. If this is not set, the destination below is used.
  • Whether to set do not disturb. If set, calls will forward to the destination below without ringing the telephone.
  • Whether to accept calls without callerid. If not, calls without callerid will forward to the destination below without ringing the telephone.
  • Whether to screen calls. If set to yes, the person answering the call will be asked if they wish to accept it.
  • The callerids to send on calls out.
  • How long to ring the telephone for before going to the destination below.
  • A destination if the telephone does not answer, is busy, or rejects the call.
5. Click the "Save" button.
6. If a public number will forward to the telephone, add it.
7. Configure the account number and password on the SIP telephone. The following settings are recommended:
  • A registration interval of no more than 5 minutes. If the telephone is behind NAT, this keeps the port open on the NAT device.
  • Most models of telephone should have NAT disabled as the server will handle this. For more details, please see the list of telephone models.
  • Register to a DNS hostname rather than an IP address. If the IP address then changes, the telephone will not need reconfigured.
8. For details on specific telephone models, please click here.
9. Optionally, configure busy lamps.

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